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SMS Marketing API Samples

Now you can send out bulk SMS directly from your own website or using your very own custom made software.

API is an acronym given for Application Programming Interface. The bulk SMS API allows you to send out large quantities of SMS directly from the comfort of your website and or custom made software. Using any operating system (windows, Linux, Mac) you can integrate the API with your website and ensure that you have the full functionality of a SMS system integrated.

No matter what language your site is designed in (.NET, Java, PHP etc.) or what platform (PC, Mobile, Other) our plugin is compatible with it and ensures a fast and hassle free integration.

API for send simple Text Message


API for send Unicode Message


API for send Flash Message


API for send Unicode and Flash Message


API for check Balance


API for check delivery Status


SMS API Send SMS - HTTP Post : PHP Example

SMS API Send SMS - HTTP Post : C# Example

SMS API Send SMS - HTTP Post : JAVA Example