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Email to SMS Service

Sending a text from an email address is simple (9715xxxxxxxxForwardvaluesms.com), efficient, and reliable. We simply convert your email into a SMS message and deliver it, with all replies then arriving as emails.

Send SMS from Any Email

Simply grant access to any email by adding it to the allowed emails list.

Send to Multiple Recipients

You can send messages to multiple recipients straight from your email.

Receive SMS Replies as Emails

All SMS replies will arrive as emails via our SMS to Email gateway.

  • Your application sends out a normal email message
  • The email is received and converted to a text message by us
  • Your business-critical email will then be delivered as a text message

No Development Skills Needed to Integrate

As long as your application can send an email, it can also send text messages with the help of TextMagic.

Typical Signatures and Footers Are Removed

Normally there is no need to send email signatures and footers in the SMS

Grant Access to The Whole Company

Provide your entire team with access to the Email to SMS service and share account credit.

Track Every Message with SMS Reports

Access your sent message history and delivery rates on the SMS reporting pages.